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What is a Frequent Traveler Account?

● A Frequent Traveler Account allows you to earn free trips on MO-X/Doc & Norm Direct by accumulating points, similar to frequent flier miles on an airline.
● Each time you travel one way, you earn a point. For a round-trip, you earn two points.
● You can earn a free one way trip with as few as six points!

FTA points needed for free trip One-Way Round-Trip
Door to Door Service 12-Points 20-Points
Express Service 6-Points 10-Points

How can I get a Frequent Traveler Account?

● You can call our office.
● You can also create your Frequent Traveler Account on-line .
● Then, just follow the directions and enter the information requested. Once you have your account, you can start earning points with each reservation you book!

Are there any restrictions on use of the FTA?

● The account is non-transferable ... each passenger requires a separate FTA.
● You cannot earn FTA points for another passenger.
● You cannot receive FTA points from another passenger.
● Trips booked prior to enrollment in the FTA program cannot be used to earn FTA points.

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